Juracan (8 Oz)

Juracan (8 Oz)

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Gustos Reserva | Juracán 

Taíno deity “Cacique of the wind 

Salvaging what little coffee crops were left over from the devastation caused by hurricane maría back in 2017, Our Limited edition specialty blend, “Juracán” was born. Today we bring back this single origin blend that highlights some of our favorite coffee regions from Yauco, Adjuntas and Las Marías. Roasted to peak flavor and artfully blended for a special taste of Puerto Rico. 

Tasting Notes

Juracán embodies the strength, unity and resilience found in the heart of our land and our people. This special edition blend has

  • Chocolate notes
  • Aromatic
  • Medium body
  • Balanced acidity
  • Clean finish

 We hope you enjoy this single origin selection honoring the lives of those who continue to push Puerto Rico forward.

PR Single Origin blend 

Altitude: 2,200 – 2,500 ft 

Process: Washed

Roast: Medium

Whole Bean | Café en Grano: 8